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Why Hispek Diamonds

What’s in the name

Our name is derived from the idea that the quality of diamond you can expect us to provide when you choose a diamond will be of the highest specification. Further, we recognise that the diamond industry has evolved over the decades resulting in changes to buyer tastes, modes of shopping, design trends and technology. We aim to combine our expertise in these areas to deliver an unrivalled service and product of the highest quality, that is unfortunately all too rare. We want to provide the crystal-clear clarity, assistance and satisfaction you and your loved ones deserve.

The 5 Facets of a Hispek Diamond

First some background: a diamond’s cut – meaning the number of facets, and how they are angled and polished – is what gives a diamond that “wow” factor.


  • One side of something many-sided, especially of a cut gem or diamond.
  • A particular aspect or feature of something.

Like the many facets of a diamond which give it a brilliant sparkle, the diamonds we source encompass our Hispek Diamonds  ‘5 Facets’, illustrated by our logo. These are the features of our products that we pride ourselves on and are at the forefront of our offering to you, to ensure our diamonds are of the highest standard.

When you select a diamond for a particular product through our website, you can be sure that it meets the Hispek Diamond  criteria: 

  • Conflict-free
  • Ethically sourced
  • Excellent ‘cut’
  • Top-grade ‘colour’
  • Price Promise.

Furthermore, by carefully selecting and curating the diamonds that go into our made-to-order jewellery, our experts ensure that Hispek Diamonds ™ are those that will give off the highly-desired flahses of colour and light known in the industry as the ‘fire’ of a diamond. This optical effect is what sets a truly special diamond apart from all the rest, and it is our commitment to source only those diamonds that are up to the mark.

Don’t settle for anything less than a Hispek Diamond .

Read more about each of our 5 Facets by clicking on each one above and discovering more. Find out more from our experts, or make an enquiry using the details on our home page, or get in touch through our Live Chat and start your diamond buying journey the right way.

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