Kimberley Process

In the late 1990’s it became apparent in the world that rough diamonds were sourced from some African countries so that they could be used to fund military conflict by rebel movements. It was these diamonds that had became known as either “Blood” or “conflict” diamonds.


In order to resolve this problem, a combined venture was launched in 2000 by the international diamond industry, governments and Non-governmental Organisations to ensure that rough diamonds were not used to fund such activities. In the year 2002 these measures led to the introduction of the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme that led to a rigorously controlled system to ensure that diamonds could only be purchased from legitimate suppliers that conformed to specific processes.


In today’s modern world strict measures are now in place that regulates both production and trade of diamond jewellery. All rough diamonds need to have a Kimberley Process Certificate during the logistical process and detailed records are kept of their place of origin.


As a leading diamond jewellery business we guarantee to provide you with certified diamonds with all our diamond rings complying with the Kimberley Process and the guidelines outlined by the United Nations so that you can be sure to buy with confidence from us.