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Investment Grade Diamonds

All investments are subject to market forces driven by supply and demand. The Diamond industry is no exception, but for those looking for alternative asset classes to invest rather than keep funds in the bank, can consider investing in high quality grades of polished diamonds which rarely depreciate. The long term outlook is for mining production to reduce over time as mines close, thus less supply.

Choosing Right

When assessing the very best diamonds that could be considered as investment grade, apart from selecting the rarest combinations of the 4Cs, Carat, Colour, Clarity and Cut, we look further into the Polish, Symmetry and Fluorescence of the Diamond. A combination of excellent attributes such as these will ultimately accentuate the overall brightness and light performance producing the fire of colour bursts and sparkle that is truly spectacular.

Light Performance

There are features of a diamond that will affect the light performance. Diamonds are supremely precious and grading laboratories will certify a diamond’s credentials on a number of attributes mostly affecting how light travels through. But what makes one diamond more valuable than another is ultimately the question that most people would want to know. Simply put a diamond’s value is based mainly on its rarity in relation to other diamonds however our investment grade diamonds are objectively graded further on light performance to ensure a consistently precise method is used to determine a diamond’s real value. Consequently the key to ligyt performance is based on these further four tests;

  • Brilliance
  • Fire
  • Sparkle
  • Light Symmetry


Intense white light emitting from the diamond


Vivid flares of striking colours as light refracts through the diamond creating that scintillation of rainbow colours.


Striking flashes of light busting out from the diamond surface as the direction of light reflection changes.

Light Symmetry

The distribution of light through the diamond is affected by the quality of cut and number and size of natural inclusions . The hearts and arrows representations show how this is expressed.

Use our Diamond Search Tool

Search our database of over 100,000 diamond stocks using our diamond attribute filters. For Investment grade diamonds use the following filters;

  • Colour – D
  • Clarity – IF
  • Cut. – Excellent
  • Polish. – Excellent
  • Symmetry – Excellent.


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