Diamonds Made Easy

The 4 C's

The Diamond 4Cs system was developed as a way of assessing and communicating diamond quality using a universal standard. We at Hispek want to ensure customers are crystal clear on what they are purchasing and so have produced our Diamonds Made Easy guide below.

The Cut

The shape and cut have a profound effect on the light performance of a diamond. Natural diamonds are shaped and cut from rough diamonds that are mined predominately in Africa. The ability to reflect and refract light internally are the attributes that give a diamond that fiery scintillation that has dazzled diamond lovers for centuries. Whilst the colour and clarity of most are as nature has produced them but the cut and shape is where the expert diamond cutters and polishers create that jaw dropping sparkle of beauty.

The Colour

For white diamonds, the less colour the better. On lower grades, a yellow tinge can be seen, but this is often undetectable by the naked eye. Choosing well in this category can provide you with great value for money


There are many types of naturally occurring inclusions in a diamond which can affect its brightness and value but finding these often requires microscopic observation. Clarity is often considered the least important of the 4Cs


Diamonds are measured in carat weight, which is not to be confused with size. Although this is a determinant of size, how large a diamond appears is also influenced by the other Cs. Grasp this and you’ll sound like a diamond expert in no time