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Diamond Clarity Grades

Clarity is determined by the number and size of naturally occurring imperfections present in a diamond, often called inclusions. Inclusions interfere with how the light is dispersed and therefore affect the brilliance of a diamond. These impurities are often called feathers, pin points, or crystals, which are the most common form found. The scale below illustrates the range of clarity available in diamonds. The better the clarity the more valuable the diamond. Most impurities cannot be seen through the naked eye and will require magnification, particularly those in a VS1 diamond or higher. However most high-street jewelers will offer pieces with diamonds of a SI2 to VS1 grading as these offer a good balance of value and quality. 


Internally Flawless diamonds are amongst the rarest and most sought after. They are one grade away from the ultimate Flawless diamond.

Actual video of I Colour IF


The inclusions on this stone cannot be seen with the naked eye and require 10x magnification. These stones are incredibly beautiful and a great choice for life’s biggest occasions.

Actual video of J Colour VVS 2

VS 2

For those looking for a solitaire diamond ring above 1/2 carat, this should be the starting point in the selection process. These stones offer very good value for money and the brightness and scintillation that you would expect from a natural diamond.

Actual video of D Colour VS 2

SI 2

These diamonds usually have slight inclusions and are generally used in jewellery where smaller stones are required (less than 1/4 of a Carat).

Actual video of H Colour SI 2



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