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Choose from 100s of different ring style settings in a range of metals and centre diamond shapes.

Search 1000s of certified natural diamonds from our live stock database to bring you a range of colourless grades, shapes and sizes to suit your taste and budget.

Ring Setting Styles

The classic and timeless design that defines quality and purity of a well cut single centre stone. Can be custom made in a variety of shapes but best suited to a single round, cushion or princess cut diamond.

Diamond Shapes

Round Diamond

Round Diamond

Round diamonds are by far the most popular shape used in jewellery making and consist of 58 facets comprising of 33 on the crown or top portion and 25 on the pavilion or lower portion of the stone.


Large centre stone surrounded with smaller diamonds providing an amazing halo effect. Best suited to round , oval and cushion shaped centre diamonds.

Princess Diamond

Princess diamonds also sometimes known as square modified cut, consist of 58 facets comprising of 25 on the crown and girdle or top portion and 33 on the pavilion or lower portion of the stone.


Smaller diamonds set and positioned down the ring shoulders either side of a larger centre stone. The smaller stones are either set within a channel or claw/prong set.


Oval cut diamonds have two identical head ends with symmetrical shoulders and a central belly area. A total of 58 facets are cut meaning that the light properties are very similar to a round cut diamond.


Also know as three stone rings. This style arrangement can be made in a variety of different diamond shapes and sizes and with a combination of different shape cuts and styles.

Cushion Diamonds

Cushion cut diamonds get their name from the shape resembling a pillow. They are rectangular with rounded corners and are known for producing more fire and scintillation than a round cut depending upon the clarity grade and cut grade.


Unique and traditional designs, with a combination of different metals, diamond shapes, sizes and colours plus the classic milgrain effect adds to the cultural tradition of these timeless designs

Marquise Diamonds

Marquise diamonds produce strikingly beautiful pieces of jewellery that stand out when worn . The long elliptical shape makes the stone look larger with 58 facets carefully cut.



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