Colour Colourless grades


Grades D,E,F

These are the rarest of colours and hence command the highest prices. However the colour of a diamond or rather the lack of it in this case is not the only criteria that affect the value. Please read our other sections explaining the Cut , Clarity and Carat. To see an actual D Colour diamond please see video here

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Near colourless

Grades G,H,I

These are collectively known as the commercial colour of diamonds and are generally found in most high street stores. Furthermore considerable savings can be achieved by selecting near colourless diamonds rather than colourless and hence the reason why these are generally stocked at most retailers. To see an actual I colour diamond see video here

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Faint Yellow

Grades J,K,L,M

Diamonds in this category have a faint yellow tinge which can also appear brown depending upon the other lesser appealing characteristics of the other features. It is not normal to have these mounted in white gold or platinum engagement rings, but are generally found in mass produced less expensive brands to appeal to certain consumer price points. To see an actual L colour diamond see the video here

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Very Light Yellow

Grades N,O,P,Q,R

These will be very obviously yellow with a brown tinge but are far less expensive than higher colour grades. Click here to see an actual N colour diamond.

Light Yellow

Grades S,T,U,V

These are inexpensive diamonds that most people would only buy if they specifically wanted a yellow/brown stone but which is not as expensive as a Fancy yellow colour.Click here to see an actual U coloured diamond

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Grades W,X,Y,Z

These are one grade short of Fancy Yellow, which are now increasing in popularity now due to the striking contrast with white gold jewellery. Click hereto see an actual X coloured diamond.

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