Clarity is determined by the number and size of naturally occurring imperfections present in a diamond, often called inclusions.

Inclusions interfere with how the light is dispersed and therefore the brilliance of a diamond. These impurities are often called feathers, pin points, or crystals which are the most common form found.

The scale below illustrates the range of clarity available in diamonds. The better the clarity the more valuable the diamond.

Most impurities cannot be seen through the naked eye and will require magnification, particularly those in a VS1 diamond or higher. However most high-street jewellers will offer pieces with diamonds of a SI2 to VS1 grading as these offer a good balance of value and quality. Use the above chart and our diamond comparison tool to get a grasp of prices for each grading.

We would recommend diamonds with an SI2 grading or higher i.e. they are ‘eye-clean’ and offer great sparkle. You can be confident that no marks will be visible on the diamond. However, for greater quality it is recommended you move closer to a VVS grading for a truly pristine diamond.

It is important to consider diamond clarity together with cut, clarity and colour. Personal taste is important as you may prefer a larger diamond with an SI2 clarity that is sure to be bright or save on carat weight and opt for a small but highly clean and brilliant VVS2 diamond.

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