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We Sell Only Conflict free Natural Diamonds

Diamonds are the hardest gemstones on Earth. They are formed hundreds of miles underground in temperatures of 2000 degrees Fahrenheit and above. As a result, they are capable of withstanding extreme heat and pressure. Diamonds are brought up to the Earth’s surface by special Kimberlite volcanoes, and many of them are melted in the hot magma. The next time you see a natural diamond, remember it is unique, and a born survivor.

Lab Grown Diamonds

We genuinely believe that lab-grown diamonds are the future of the diamond jewellery industry. They provide excellent value for money, whilst also being sustainable and ethically sourced. As well as this, lab-grown diamonds are chemically, physically and optically the same as their mined counterparts. They are the perfect choice for new diamond buyers as well as those that are more experienced.

Conflict Free Jewellery

We only sell diamonds that are conflict free as defined by the Kimberley Process. It is our aim to raise standards and go further by sourcing diamonds that have been diligently selected in accordance with recognised standards of responsibility and ethics towards the environment and human rights.

Expert Craftsmanship

Selecting a high grade quality diamond is the first step towards finding a special piece of jewellery that will remain in your family for years to come. Our experienced craftspeople pride themselves on their attention to detail and exemplary designs.

Expert Advice & Value

Our jewellery consultants are experts in their fields, with many years of experience in selling luxury products to clients with a variety of demands. We will not only support you in your journey to finding the right diamond, but we promise to sell at a price that is right for you, with our consistent pricing policy all year round.



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